Make Money on Langmanual

Earn revenue on Langmanual by writing and sharing whatever is on your mind. (Text & images)

How It Works

You will earn revenue based on the number of unique page views to your content on Langmanual. You can start Posting now and see your earnings in real time.

Minimum Payout

You are required to earn $50 before you will be paid. Payment cycle ends on the 4th of every month and you will be paid within 6 workings after the 4th. We make payments via PayPal therefore you will have to sign up using a valid PayPal email address to get paid.

Earnings Dashboard

You can see in real time what you are earning along with your monetizable page views on your Earnings Dashboard

How To Gain Traffic To My Posts?

Langmanual is an open platform, so everything you post is public and instantly available to anyone doing a Langmanual Search, and also to people who follow you. To gain even more exposure to your content, you should share posts outside of Langmanual to persons who may be interested.

Acceptable Use Of Our Service

Failure to follow the rules below will result in your account being terminated

Unauthorized Ways of Gaining Traffic

  1. Do not share your posts on traffic exchange / PTC websites.
  2. Do not pay for traffic from any external sources.
  3. Do not pay users (cash, rewards, points) to visit your posts.
  4. Do not use fake or bot traffic.

Posting On Langmanual

  1. Do not post or link to copyrighted material, illegal content, hateful or pornographic content, malicious content.
  2. Do not copy other users content on Langmanual and repost it as your own.

The above is in accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy